Getting ready for a trip, even if it’s a simple weekend getaway, can get a little bit frustrating when you are trying to plan ahead and can’t find enough information to be sure that you won’t find any unexpected issue.

Here at Wiber everyone is aware of this, and we always try to provide the maximum peace of mind to our clients by making sure they have the most information about us available and ready. We wish for you to have the best time possible, without worrying about not finding our office or being delayed to start your holidays. This is why if you are travelling to Costa del Sol, we are going to explain to you here how to find our shuttle bus at Málaga’s airport. Our office is really close to this airport, but we strive to offer top quality service, so we’d rather offer this free service instead of making you walk carrying your bags. That would be such an inconvenience!

You can find this free service at any of our locations (Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and of course, Málaga) and it works for free from 7:00 hours to 23:00 hours. You can also require for the shuttle to pick you up outside of this hours, but with an additional fee.


It’s very easy to get to our shuttle bus at Málaga’s airport, you only need to follow the next indications:

  1. Exit the terminal building and turn left.
  2. Walk approximately 300 metres parallel to the terminal, following the signs BUS DE CORTESIA (courtesy bus) and VTC (vehicle for hire).
  3. When you reach the end of the terminal, cross the pedestrian crossing and in front you will find the parking lot where our shuttle will pick you up.
  4. Get on board on Wiber’s shuttle and start living your #WiberExperience!

Our shuttle is constantly going from our office to the airport and viceversa during our office hours to make sure that everyone is picked up, and each turn (starting point being the office, driving until getting to the meeting point at the airport, picking up each one of you and then coming back) takes about 15 minutes. So if you get to the meeting point and you don’t see our shuttle, this is the reason: it’s doing its route and will be back in no more than 15 minutes.

Some clients with one of our drivers

When you have finished your holidays, don’t forget that you have to drop-off your car at our office (Ctra. Guadalmar, 729004 Málaga). Once the dropping off process is completed, our shuttle will take you back to the airport. Our advice is to bring your car back with plenty of time so you can get to your flight without rushing – you will be more relaxed and satisfied with your experience this way!


If you wish to have a true relaxing holiday experience, and with all of your money available on your account, choose Wiber! We’ve made available renting cars with no deposit or excess fee thanks to our All Inclusive rate, where you will also have many advantages such as a fully comprehensive insurance and the chance to use our Wikey Smart Box service for free, saving both cash and time.

Also, forget entirely about the extra charges: the price on your reservation is the real charge you will receive on your credit or debit card, our All Inclusive prices are final! If you’re not convinced yet, just check it out on our website and think about it.

We are already expecting you at our Málaga office!