Summer route through the most beautiful coves in Alicante
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Summer route through the most beautiful coves in Alicante


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Summer is here and what we need is to refresh ourselves taking a dip. At Wiber we love going to the beach, and we know that Costa Blanca is one of your favourite destinations. So we decided to collect our five favourite coves to share them with you, in case you are hesitating where to go.

Let’s go. We start in our office in Alicante, get on your favourite car with full peace of mind and live the summer like never before!

1. Cala Granadella, Jávea

To get to this cove you need to take the road that goes through Granadella’s forest area until you get to the Tio Català Avenue. It is one of the most beautiful coves all around Spain, with a gravel ground and surrounded by nature, gorgeous and calmed, but also with a hammock and umbrella renting service available.


There is a parking nearly, from which you will be able to get to a route that starts at the path PR-CV 354 and will take you to Castell de la Granadella a defense tower from the 18th century. There are also a few astonishing viewpoints on the way, where you can see the Cap d’Or of Moraira or the Peñón de Ifach silhouette.

2. Cala Moraig, Benitatxell

Being beach with rocks, it’sactually quite renown, because it stands between cliffs and owns the Cova dels Arcs, the mouth of an underground river called Riu Blanc: a real delight for scuba divers since it has tunnels and caves communicated underwater, and getting up to 60m deep. You can also take a route around the cliffs with wonderful views to the coast, passing by other caves and finishing at the beautiful Cala del Llebeig.


As a special recommendation, we suggest you visit it in the morning. Around 6pm it will be in the shadows due to the cliffs that surround it.


3. Cala Carabassí, Elche

Very recognizable for its golden sand dunes, protected as a natural beauty spot, its clear water and trees that give it that unique feel. This cove has a part classified as a nudist beach, although since it’s quite big you will be able to choose the atmosphere that suits you better: from hammocks and beachbars with music to a little quiet spot to enjoy the sound of the waves.


About 15km far from Alicante city centre, you will arrive easily taking the road that goes to Arenales de Sol, the route is easy and very well known, and there are a few public parking lots nearby where you can leave your car. It can be very crowded on the weekends, since its beauty and easy access has made it a very popular beach.

4. Cala Racó del Conill, Villajoyosa

If you wish for a wilder visit, far from the urban environment, one of the best coves placed at the Natural Park of Serra Gelada, just 3km North from Villajoyosa, is Racó del Conill. Apart from enjoying your time on the beach, if you follow the path of the coast of Villajoyosa you will be able to climb to the Torre del Aguiló, a coastal defence tower from the 16th century where you can stop to have a snack.


In case you wish for something with easier access and without leaving Villajoyosa you can visit La Caleta or L’Esparrelló, spectacularly beautiful but closer to the town centre and much more accessible.

5. Baños de la Reina, Calpe

There is a legend in Calpe that gives the name to these pools built over 2000 years ago: a Moorish queen used to go down to get a bath, and this is where they got their name after (Baños de la Reina means “Baths of the Queen”). This is a historical site, a Roman fish farm digged in stone. Also at this site you can find a Roman Villa, not opened to the public but just behind the beach, and the thermal ensemble of La Muntanyeta, right to the cove at the top of a coastal pier. You will easily get there from Italia street or Europa avenue, that are right behind the site.

A wonderful place to practice snorkel, since the water is very clean and you will be able to see the old Roman motives that accompany the local fauna. Besides, from this spot you will be able to get by the Peñón de Ifach easily, as it shelters these pools, to enjoy the coast view from its top.


As an extra recommendation, if you are travelling to Alicante with your dog, we recommend you visit the Agua Amarga beach, by the south of the town and very close to the airport, as it is a beach that is perfectly fit for your hairy colleague, with a beach bar where you can get refreshed and they will get food and water, plus a special area for them to relieve themselves.


We hope you are now feeling the itch to visit this Alicantinian coves that we have suggested from Wiber, we are dying to take a dip! If you are planning great plans for this summer, not long ago we wrote about things to do in Málaga if you travel with your family, something you can surely enjoy if you are travelling with your kids.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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