If you truly love driving just for the sake of it, to challenge yourself with the surprise of the road, what we bring today is going to please you: we have prepared a route through the North of the Mallorca island, that not only will offer you the most beautiful landscapes of the island, but also a few of the most fun roads to travel around. Come to our Mallorca office with our free shuttle, pick up your car, maybe some medication for car sickness and let’s go!

First stop: Far des Cap Gros

We mentioned already on one of our blog posts how beautiful the town of Sóller is – well then, this lighthouse is placed at the West entry of Sóller’s port and the area offers beautiful views of the village and its surroundings. You can’t go inside the lighthouse itself, but near the area you’ll find a restaurant and a shelter (Refugi de Muleta). The road that will bring you here is narrow, so we must warn you to drive carefully.

Second stop: Mirador Coll dels Reis

Coll dels Reis is, inside the Tramuntana chain, a great mountain pass with a very interesting outline that has turned into one of the most photographed one in Europe. You can’t miss the pleasure of driving through it yourself! Again, we have placed a stop on a viewpoint with a restaurant, so you can view this almost impossible engineering work from above. Plus, from here you can choose to walk down for a swim at Sa Calobra, a beautiful cove with turquoise water.

Third stop: Cala Carbó

A few kilometres away from Pollença, and right next to Cala Molins, you can find a small cove, and not very well-known amongst tourists, with pebble ground, in which you will be able to enjoy the sea and the real wild Mallorca. Although it is not a mandatory stop, it is a stop we recommend if you want to leave behind all tourists and live a different experience.

Fourth stop: Mirador Es Colomer

This truly is a mandatory stop, as the views from the viewpoint of Es Colomer, the rock which viewpoint is named after (also known as the viewpoint of Sa Creueta), are ones of the most beautiful all-around Mallorca. It has some stairs that will let you get closer to the cliff, and the whole viewpoint was recently restored to preserve the security of visitors.

The road that will bring you here is a little bit difficult and filled with curves, so we recommend you reduce your speed and keep focused. The landscape is completely postcard-worthy: intense blue water surrounded by green wild bushes. Also, if you stop here by sunset, the red and yellow sight from the sky will complete perfectly this unforgettable view.

Fifth stop: Cap Formentor

Although it’s a stop we have recommended before, it is still an essential visit, since the views are spectacular, both at sunset and sunrise. You will enjoy an amazing landscape, since the wind and the waves have shaped a very steep cliffs, that in some points even reach the 300m high. We recommend you stop your car before reaching the cross with Formentor beach and taking the bus uphill. You should do this because in summertime you need to pay to park there. Since the road is narrow and risky, and there is a big concentration of tourists there, driving becomes a real challenge.

We will await your comments about this route with great excitement, since we have traced it with our personal experience and loads of love!