What to see in Mallorca in 4 days: Roadtrip
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What to see in Mallorca in 4 days: Roadtrip


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The island of Mallorca is the largest in the Balearic archipelago. Its amazing Mediterranean weather, stunning beaches and limestone mountains have made one of the favourite destinations of Europeans (especially British and Germans) and basically the whole world. Its size makes it perfect to be visited in 4 days by car. Therefore, we have prepared a road trip around the island with the must of Sa Roqueta (this is what the Majorcans call their island). We recommend you fly to Palma de Mallorca, rent your car at the Palma airport, turn up the summer song and start this roundtrip. Put pen to paper about what to see in Mallorca in 4 days. Are you joining us?

Day 1: Visit Palma de Mallorca

We started our visit to the island of Mallorca in the capital, Palma de Mallorca. Palma is the largest city in the Balearic Islands and a city where you will soak in the culture and beautiful architecture. You should spen few hours walking around old town Palma on foot. There are gorgeous little winding roads everywhere and several cool shopping streets in old town. Its main tourist attraction and one of the most emblematic buildings is the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, Gothic Roman Catholic style, located only few meters from the sea.


In the bay of Palma, in the middle of a pine forest, it stands the Bellver Castle, built by the king Jaume II in the fourteenth century and whose central courtyard is surrounded by four cylindrical towers. Only because of the amazing view of the city, it is worth exploring.

Playa del ArenalCan PastillaCala Major and Cala Estància are four beaches and coves nearby Palma, perfect for those who want to lounge in the sun from the first day.

Day 2: East of Mallorca

On our first adventure out of the city, we recommend you start visiting the eastern part of the island of Mallorca early in the morning. The East side of the island is said to have the most beautiful beaches and it is a breeze driving around this area. Our first stop will be Puerto Cristo, a small coastal town with a beautiful beach and which landmark, as its name suggests, is the port.

On the way to this point, you have to make a mandatory stop (again, this is a must) on the beach Es Trenc.  A well-preserved beach with clear blue waters that will win you over. Follow the route until you reach Cala s’Almunia, which is accessed by a 20-minute-walk path from where you can leave the car. It is well-known for the turquoise colour of its waters. We must warn you though: If what you are looking for is enjoying a relaxing and quiet beach, this is not your place as it is one of the most visited spots of the island.


We continue the route to Caló des Moro, very popular as well. It can be reached on foot from s’Almunia. Despite the large number of tourists who gather on the sand, it is worth taking a dip in those transparent waters. Afterwards, keep driving heading towards Cala Varques, not so crowded but as beautiful as the previous one.


Day 3: Northeast area of the island of Mallorca

Make the most of the day, which comes loaded with idyllic landscapes and full of charm. First stop: Cala Mesquida, one of the largest on the island with fine white sand and turquoise waters. From there, we reverse a bit to face the Cap de Farrutx, which is accessed from the urbanization Betlen by a path that will take you to the spectacular viewpoint of Cala Na Clara. Here you will find unique experience and it provides scenic views of the mountain on one side and the sea on the other.


Very close to here is located the fishing village Colonia de Sant Pere, a charming place to get lost walking around. We continue to Son Serra Marina, a small urbanization with a very long, sandy beach where you can make a stop to take a dip and spend the afternoon.


Day 4: Northwest area of the island of Mallorca

We get back on track, heading towards Cala Figuera. To get there you have to leave the car on a car park and walk around 20 minutes. We continue towards the Cap de Formentor. This is breathtaking, and there is a look out, jetting over a cliff, where you can take a million photos and soak in the coastline. We recommend continuing and driving to the lighthouse. The drive along the ocean is gorgeous. After the lighthouse, head to Formentor Beach, a beautiful, pristine beach lined with pine trees, where you can swim and lay out.


From here, we take the car towards Sa Calobra. You will need to arm yourself with patience though. The roads are windy and small. Just be sure to drive slowly and look out for bikers. But it will pay off when you see this beautiful rocky cove. Here you will stumble upon El Torrent de Pareis, well-known because of the hundreds of tv advertisements that have been shot around.

Time to drive back to Palma de Mallorca, not without stopping on our way to the mountain town of Valldemosa. It is really charming with its tiny cobblestone streets and pretty, old buildings built into the mountainside.


To sum up, Mallorca has more than 300 beaches so the options to visit this island are endless. We have left you the highlights of the island and what to see in Mallorca in 4 days. Either if you take this road trip or a different one, we would love to hear from you! Share your #WiberExperience in Mallorca with us!

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