Alicante in bloom: visiting the almond trees
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Alicante in bloom: visiting the almond trees


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Spring will start soon! Days are getting longer; temperature is already rising, and the sun looks at flowers blooming. It’s the perfect time to go out and hike around the beautiful inner Alicante’s landscapes and check out the blossoming almond trees.


Japan is extensively visited in spring due to the spectacular cherry blossoms, and to be honest, Alicante is equally impressive: the blossoming almond trees that paint the little towns of inland Alicante (thanks to them we can enjoy their famous turrones in Christmas) are known for their wonderful beauty and how delicate their flowers are. What do you think, do you want to come and see them? Rent your car at our Alicante office and get ready to visit the following recommendations.

Best spots to visit the blossoming almond trees

Valle del Jalón, Alcalalí

Coming to Valle del Jalón (or Xaló) is one of the most renown visits to see the almond tree blossoms. The path is easy, it doesn’t have any slopes, so it’s even good for people with special needs. You can start your route at Alcalalí’s waste recycling site and follow the signs from there.


We recommend you visit Alcalalí in February specifically, as they organise many activities under a festival called Feslalí which is dedicated to the almond tree blossoms. In February the whole town is dressed in pink and white and is giving guided tours to see the blossoms, almond products tastings (you HAVE TO try the carquinyolis, the pastissets d’ametlla, the mantecaos… actually you have to taste it all!), concerts, puppet shows for kids… A flower festival for all ages!

Valle de Guadalest

Guadalest is on our list of Alicante’s most beautiful towns and you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit it. But if you can manage to go in February/March and get lost around the beautiful valley covered in pink flowers, you will be truly delighted. If you are one of those who enjoys a romantic day, we totally recommend you visit it.


Since its not far from here, you could also visit the Castell de Guadalest, a very tiny town (around 200 inhabitants), but riddled with museums. Plus, if you want to take a turn around another few rustic towns, every adjoining town also has almond trees, so if you fancy a cute rustic route you can walk around Beniardà, Benifato, Benimantell…

Valle de Relleu

For a good nougat you need good nuts! They are certain about this at Relleu, a little town that is connected by the road that goes from Villajoyosa to Sella and Orcheta. They have a farming cooperative dedicated to produce different kinds of almonds that also organizes visits and the typical almond “turrón” manufacture workshops.


Besides, of course, the recommended visit to the blossoming trees field, we recommend you visit the city’s old town, as they have a church that holds the oldest bells in the province.


Of course, from February until April, Jijona is pink. This town is famous for their soft almond nougat, and it’s surrounded by almond trees. Doesn’t matter which road you take, whether it is towards the Sant Antoni’s chapel or more towards the north of the town, you will be able to walk under loads of these beautiful pink and white flowers.

And if you are already here, nothing can stop you from visiting their Museo del Turrón, a very good site to learn more about this typical gastronomical delicacy.


Did you enjoy your visit? Remember that Alicante also offers beautiful hiking trails where you can also find some of these blossoming almond trees. And not just that, but Alicante also has a great variety of plans, even for the winter season that we are still on. So, no more doubts! We are already waiting for you at the airport to tag along your “Alicantí” adventure!

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