How to find Wiber's shuttle at Alicante's airport
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How to find Wiber's shuttle at Alicante's airport


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Getting ready for holidays (or a weekend getaway) always creates some thrill, excitement to see new places and, of course, a lot of happiness, But also stress moments, as you want to have everything ready and set before you even set your foot on your destination.

At Wiber, one of our main targets is to reach maximum excellence on the service offered to our clients, so their experience with us is 100% satisfactory and their only care is to have a great time. We work hard to offer a car renting service that is easy, quick, and above all, 100% transparent on the pricing. Related to this and with transparency as a hallmark, we want to make your experience with Wiber as easy as possible, and that’s why, if your next destination is Costa Blanca’s capital city, we explain to you here how to find our shuttle bus at Alicante’s airport, conveniently placed only five minutes away.

This is a service we’ve made available at our three operating destinations (Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and Málaga), and that is completely free from 7:00 hours to 23:00 hours (also available outside of this hours, but with an additional fee)..

How to get to the shuttle bus at Alicante's airport

Getting to Wiber’s free shuttle bus at Alicante’s airport is very easy and you only need to follow these next indications:


  1. Go outside the control zone and get the elevator or the ramp that will take you to the -2 floor
  2. Get outside the terminal and turn left
  3. Walk for about 40-50 meters until you get to the 1-5 parking spots
  4. Get on Wiber’s shuttle and start living your #WiberExperience!


Our shuttle has a continuous rotation from this point to our office during our office hours (as we said, from 7:00h to 23:00h), and every turn (a full route of getting to the airport, picking you up, delivering you at the office and then coming back) takes about 15 minutes. This is the reason why, in case you get to the meeting point but don’t see any shuttle: it is doing it’s route and it will be back in no more than 15 minutes. Remember that, as you can see in the following video, the path to our office won’t be taking more than around 6 minutes of your time.


Remember you have to drop-off your car at our office (Carretera Aeropuerto – Torrellano S/N, next to Rotonda Torrellano). From there, our shuttle will take you back to the airport. We advice you to bring back your vehicle with plenty of time so you can get to your flight without a rush.

Car renting with no excess fee in Alicante

Choose Wiber and live some stress-free holidays, and with your whole money available since we made available renting cars with no deposit or excess fee thanks to our All Inclusive rate, that holds one of the best insurance coverages of the market at a very competitive price.


Plus, with this rate forget about the extra charges: the price you see when you finish your reservation is the price you will be paying when you get to our office or online with your card, – whether it’s credit or debit.

We will be waiting for you at our Alicante office!

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