What to visit in Alicante: its most particular museums
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What to visit in Alicante: its most particular museums


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It’s common when you are going on vacation to look for something to do at your destination, and usually all of us want to check on our destination’s cultural offer. At the Costa Blanca, one of our favorite Wiber locations, where you can find us at the airport, there are a few very well reknown museums that are worth a visit, like the MACA, that has contemporary art that ranges from pieces by Picasso to Kandinsky or Dalí, or the MAHE, with its archeological and historical pieces. However, what we would like to offer to you today is a cultural visit that drives away from the usual and gets much deeper on the rich culture of Alicante.

Cultural visit at the Costa Blanca

Xixona's Nougat Museum - Alicante


If there is anything remarkable for everyone about Alicante’s province besides its beaches, it is their produce of high quality nougat. If it’s in your route to visit Xixona, we highly recommend you go to check on their Museo del Turrón: it has three floors that match the three steps of making nougat and marzipan, where you can appreciate the technology that they use. Plus if you visit during the manufacture season (from July to December), you will be able to see the whole process live.

Alicante's Bonfire Museum


One of the most important festivities at Alicante city is Saint John’s Eve onthe 23rd of June. It welcomes the summer with a great party where ninots are burned, in the same style as the renown Fallas from Valencia. At the Museo de las Hogueras you can find those saved from the fire, as well as other graphic documentation, gathered since 1928.

Elda's Shoe Museum - Alicante


Since last century, Elda has transformed into a fashion centre for shoes, and for their residents, this industry is also an art, as well as their main provider of income: almost every Eldense is related, directly or indirectly, to the sector. Previously, shoes were already being made in handcrafted way, according to some historians, neighbours started to sew leather shoes that they sold in little markets already by middle 19th century. At the Museo del Calzado you can find antique shoes and tools used to make them, as well as documentation and equipment more modern related to the industry.

Villajoyosa's Chocolate Museum - Alicante


If you like chocolate, you can not miss this Chocolates Valor factory, that has been standing at Villajoyosa for over 135 years. You will be shown the story about how cocoa got to Europe, and how the factory works to transform the cocoa tree fruit into the chocolate we know and love. As if this was not enough, by the end of your visit you can enjoy a chocolate tasting at the factory’s shop.

Alicante's "Las Cigarreras"


Although Las Cigarreras is a Contemporary Culture centre, it’s important to note how important this cigarette manufacturer building was, since it marked the historical developement at the city of Alicante. This building is from the 19th century, although now its three floors have been remodelled entirely, to fit the idea that young people can develop there their passions with the support of Alicante’s community. It’s a dynamic space where you can record and create music, video, theatre, photography and other arts, and it’s common that many events are hosted here from different contemporary art shows recognised around the whole region or even, country.

Alicante: culture, sea and mountains

It’s true that we are more than used to talking about the Costa Blanca as just that, a coast, but besides dreamy beaches, like the ones found at the Marina Baixa, it has so much more to offer. We encourage you to go around to visit Altea’s historical centre, or other of their most beautiful towns. The historical castles of the Vinalopó will also surprise you.


But if what you are is a nature person, Alicante has things for you too! The Faro de l’Albir and other trekking routes will be delightful for you if you want to do some trail hiking around Alicante’s province.

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