Visit the four most beautiful river routes of Alicante
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Visit the four most beautiful river routes of Alicante


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This week is not being the sunniest week, but there are still though a few summer weeks left where we will have many hot days in which we will be thankful to take a dip. If you are one of those who don’t like crowded beaches or like to do different things, we’ve decided to recommend a walk-through Alicante’s rivers, with their beautiful views, and way less packed. Pick up your car at our Alicante office and start your route!

Gorg del Salt

The “Gorg del Salt” is one of the most famous river pools around the whole province, found in the “Barranc de L’Encantada”. To get here from Alicante city you have to get to the A7 road direction to Planes, get the CV-700 from there. Afterwards get a diversion by a narrow street to your left that comes marked as “Barranc de L’Encantada”.


The amount of water found there varies depending on how much has rained on the year, being autumn the best time to visit, but you can always find enough water and enjoy its 5m tall waterfall. As a plus, around it there are a few paths that you can take, like the very own route that takes you to the Gorg. You can get there by car, but if you get the path that goes by the Cristo de Planes chapel, you will be able to enjoy the views.

Serpis’ Vía Verde

Almost 75km long, the Serpis is one of the most important rivers in Alicante. If you follow the Vía Verde route, a hiking path that follows an old railway going from Lorcha to Villalonga (about 13km), you will find many spots to go for a relaxed swim. We recommend you stop around “Alt del Senabre” or, very close to the beginning of your route, at the beginning of the canyon that takes the river to Villalonga, where the stone bridge of Lorcha is located.


If you are coming from Alicante city, you will need to take the A7 to Planes and take the exit 432 to get the CV-701. If you are into hiking around the Vía Verde, you can park your car at the parking that is found at the beginning of the path in Lorcha, near the old train station. It is worth visiting it so you don’t miss the views of the rock carved by the river, and landmarks like the old hydro-electric plant, the “Fábrica de l’Infern”.

Vinalopó river and the Toll Blau

To enjoy colourful, magic views, you need to visit the “Toll Blau”. It is placed near the Vinalopó springs, at the Mariola natural park, bordering with Valencia.


Again, you will need to take the A7 if you are coming from Alicante city, and then take the exit towards Onil/Castalla through the CV-80 and then following the CV-8153. You can park your Wiber car at the Ulls Canals shelter and then follow on foot to reach the old Blanes factory. From there you should go down the path until you find a concrete bridge, and a little bit after crossing it you will find a tiny waterfall and a red cross that marks that you are following the right path. You will need to dip your feet in the water to follow this path until the “Toll Blau”, but after a bit you will find it. If you take the other route from the old factory, you will get to another beautiful spot, following the path that gets you to the Vinalopó springs, the “Font de la Coveta”.

Guadalest’s reservoir

This reservoir is supplied by the Guadalest river, a branch of the river Algar, and it’s a very popular route since the valley is a very charming wild setting, and the mountain views are spectacular.


To get to the reservoir, you can go to Guadalest and take the road CV-755 from there. You will get to the dam, where you will find a parking spot for your car, and where you can walk to a pier. However, you can follow by car through a tight forest road surrounded by great views. You can go along it is circling the reservoir until you find the perfect spot to bathe and relax. If you want is to enjoy some time alone, we recommend you get to the most distant part of the dam, the opposite spot from where your drive around started.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions, but if you are not satisfied with this ideas because you are more of a sun and beach kind of person, we have some coves recommendations in Alicante too that you will surely enjoy. Don’t worry about a thing and enjoy your trip, since renting with Wiber and our All Inclusive rate you will be fully covered if anything happens. We are waiting for you!

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