Uncertainty, confusion, mistrust … The tourist rent a car market unfortunately awakens these kinds of feelings. Hidden charges, unwelcome surprises or endless queues have generated a demand for a new type of rent a car company. And you know what? It’s time for a change.

We are not saying we will revolutionise the world with our arrival, nor do we hold the absolute truth (about anything). What we do have is our enthusiasm, motivation and eagerness to do everything within our power to make this change. Wiber Rent a Car is not just a company: it is the dream of a team of people with many years of experience in the market who want to do things RIGHT and know how to.  Most importantly we are already seeing results: customers who are happy with our service.

Easier, smarter, better, Wiber

Wiber Rent a Car is a new concept of rent a car with offices located in Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga. Our philosophy is to guarantee 100% transparent, simple and clear conditions: no hidden charges.

This simplicity is reflected in our rates. We offer only two totally differentiated types of rates: Our “All Inclusive” rate and our “Full to Full” rate. The two have in common the fuel policy (we provide the vehicle with a full tank to be returned full, what we call “full to full”), unlimited mileage in most of our cars and 24-hour roadside assistance in case of accident or problems with the vehicle not caused by the client.

The main difference comes with the insurance, the “All Inclusive” rate offers a fully-comprehensive insurance with no excess fee (Top Cover coverage) and a complete road side assistance service. In addition to this, the express line service is included in this rate (no queues, no waiting).

We also truly believe in improving our customer’s experience through the application of cutting-edge technology in every step of the client’s journey: from booking the reservation to vehicle drop off.

Say goodbye to hidden charges

There is a common question that comes up when renting a car in Spain: will this be the final price? Will there be any extra charges when I pick up the car? With Wiber Rent a Car you can completely forget about this issue because the price you see on the website when you book the reservation is the price you get: NO HIDDEN CHARGES. Much better, isn’t it?

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying

Although we are a new company, we are, as mentioned, a team of professionals with extensive experience in the car rental market of Spain. Our team members specialize in each of the areas and processes involved in rent-a-car management, from customer service, marketing and technology to fleet management as well as rent a car administration. Because of this, we are able to offer a complete and very efficient service.

From the very first moment we’ve concentrated our efforts in achieving the maximum level of excellence and customer satisfaction. This is at the core of our decisions as a company. We are truly proud to have transmitted that culture and desire to do things right to every member of our team.

In fact, in just a few months we’ve reached the first place in the Trustpilot ranking of best car hire companies in Spain. A clear example that with hard work and enthusiasm everything is possible. Being better for our clients is our work philosophy and what motivates us every day. Will you join us in this new experience?