December, the magic month, arrives and if you are ready to finish the year with a boom, we have a few ideas for you: this getaways we suggest for you are really charming! Places where Christmas decorations that cover the streets bewitch the casual passer-bys. So much magic you only have to let go by their atmosphere around the street to enjoy them. Shall we?

December getaways: Alicante, where the Mediterranean coast gets Christmas coloured

December is a fantastic month to visit Alicante, not just because its weather (with over 300 days of sun per year) invites you to visit its every corner, but also because Christmas celebrations start on December 6th with their Patron Saint, Saint Nicholas.

Without a doubt that is a good reason to visit Alicante in December, because there are children activities all around, as well as religious and institutional acts starting every morning, and big “Moros y Cristianos” parades on the evenings. This is a very popular city celebration that commemorates the battles between the Moors (Muslims) and Christian during the period known as Reconquista. When the march comes across the city center, it always attracts the eyes of the people around.

Another mandatory visit at Alicante is climbing to the Santa Bárbara castle. This historical building is placed on the Benacantil hill, so you will need to go with comfortable shoes and no fear of heights, since from its 166 meters above the sea level you can watch the whole city bay. A panoramic view dressed with the Christimas lights that you will love!

Without even leaving Santa Bárbara castle we find the MUSA museum: the museum of Alicante city, where you can learn about this city origins. It explains their past, their evolution and every culture that has ever been a part of this city, turning it into a place full of history.

Holidays for December in Mallorca: a charming scenario

Mallorca is filled with possibilities,yes, even in winter. A while back we already told you about places, plans and activities to see and do in Mallorca in the winter, but the offer is even larger if you decide this is your place to go in December.

When the island has already welcomed Christmas, we can find in different places of Mallorca beautiful Christmas markets. One of them is Es Coll d’en Rabassa, where every Saturday morning until 22h we can be charmed by the Christmas atmosphere that is felt on this little markets. Lights, color and a lot of craftmanship create an endearing environement to enjoy your evening shopping. Stalls with every kind of product, from handmade Christmas ornaments to typical sweets that you can’t resist.

Málaga: Christmas romance in every corner for your December getaway

Another alluring place around Christmas time is Málaga, since in December it starts wearing lights and magic to entice tourists readyto enjoy its romantic Christmas feel.Traveling in December to Málaga is a wonderful decision,since we Will be running into their Gran Feria del Sabor a Málaga, a fair about promoting Málagas own and unique flavours, celebrated early December at the capital. Málaga’s producers give away their dishes and products from all around the city to candid visitors. An appointment to enjoy Málaga’s flavour in a lively atmosphere. Also, as every great fair, it has activities, raffles, workshops and culinary shows from great gastronomic professionals.

Plus, in Málaga we can always find beautiful spots all around a cheerful city. Reason why you will have a hard time deciding where to start your adventure, since at Costa del Sol there’s always plans to do and places to go. For instance, in its historical center you can visit the Alcazaba, an Arabian building that will surprise you with is wonderful views. It is also mandatory to visit the castle of Gibralfaro, very bounded with Málaga’s origins, that will lead us closer to this origins on very nostalgic dates.

This getaways for December are a safe play to enjoy a beautiful beginnng to Christmas. Reached this point, have you decided where to go this December? Sure you did! We can only give you one last advice: enjoy every destination, squeeze every corner and fill your backpack with #WiberExperiences!