Hey, hello, how long! It’s been a while since our last post as it has not been an easy time for us or the rest of the world due to COVID-19 and it’s been hard to keep it up to date. Now it seems that little by little things are going back to “normal”, so we would like to do a little sum up of how things have been for us during this time.

First and foremost, we adopted protecting measures towards COVID-19 as soon as we could, using disinfectants to clean the areas with maximum contact, ozone machines to clean the car interiors and a special disinfecting shampoo for our car wash. Thanks to this procedure, we received the seal “COVID-19 protected area” from the Feneval Association, a quality seal that is endorsed by the Spanish Secretary of State of Tourism as well as the Ministry of Public Health.

At Wiber we have always had Free Cancellation Policy, thanks to which we could keep our client general satisfaction ratio, as you can see on our Trustpilot reviews, being this the most important thing to us.

During 2020 we put a lot of effort on improving and expanding our Contactless fleet, smart vehicles that you can pick up directly at the airport, open with your smartphone, and then enjoy with the relief that gives you having the full coverage that is provided by our Top Cover insurance. Later, when you are done with your holidays, you can return your car at the airport in the same way you picked it up, without ever having any contact with any person from our office, doing every formality online.

And finally we can share some good news: by the end of 2020 we were recognised by the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón the award “PYME DEL AÑO” (company of the year) in the category for Digitalization and Innovation for 2020. But the good news we are most excited about is receiving at the beginning of the year from bookings.com, the “Traveller Review Award 2021” for our three offices in Mallorca, Málaga and Alicante. This recognition comes from consumers, this is, our clients. We couldn’t feel any prouder to know you are satisfied with us and our work.

What is waiting for us now?

Wiber now hopes to keep growing in 2021, expand our fleet in Valencia to keep on offering the best car rental service and better so we can keep on making our clients happy during their holidays.

And you, when are you coming to visit? We are really looking forward to seeing you again!