Are you planning a family road trip for your next holidays? Are the little ones also invited? We all know that holidays with children need a lot more of planification and let’s be honest, more patience!

How many times have we heard “are we arriving yet?” or “I am bored!”? Those are the typical sentences that every parent has had to listen at some point.  For this reason, and since at Wiber we want your experience with us to be as rewarding as possible, we bring you few tips for traveling by car with children that will avoid a bit of stress outside the vehicle.


As mentioned at the beginning of this post, for this type of trips we will have to have everything very well organized since with children it is much more difficult to improvise. And this is why, it is important to follow these tips, but it is also important to prepare yourself with positive attitude and make them believe that it will be a unique experience, unforgettable and, above all, lots of fun.

Therefore, so that everything moves along nicely, here few tips in order to have a great road trip when travelling with children. Take note!

  1. Plan your trip properly

The first advice for traveling with children is the most obvious one: plan your trip in advance! Try to optimise the time as much as possible and think when it is the best time for you to drive. Driving partly during the night is usually a good option. By doing this, children will spend part of the journey sleeping. We know that traveling at night is very complicated especially when one is on holidays, so we recommend that if you travel during the day, it is at times when children tend to sleep more.

  1. Keep all the toys… handy!

Think before embarking on the trip by car with children that is what they will need and place them in an accessible place. Diapers, dummies, extra clothes or toys are a must (this will also depend on the age) to have close. This will avoid unnecessary stops and crying because they cannot get to catch what they want.

  1. Family games and technology will become your best friends.

We are not very keen on using mobiles or tablets for children to play, but let’s be honest, it can help a lot and be a fast, easy way to keep them busy. However, as we already explained on a previous blog post, one of the most important parts of a road trip is to know how to enjoy company. This is why at Wiber Rent a Car we have plenty of ideas of family games to play in the car. They are useful both for children to play and to unleash their imagination.

  1. GPS makes life much easier

We have already mentioned the importance of having a well-planned holiday when it comes to travelling with children. Therefore, making a mistake on the route is not very convenient as it can cause a very stressful situation. Therefore, we always recommend using a GPS or Google Maps not to get lost and find the best route.

  1. Breaks to beat boredom

When the trip by car is more than two hours long, there are stops that must be made as the driver needs to rest. In addition, on a trip with children we advise to stop more often as it is a good way to overcome boredom since in a rest area there are usually children’s play areas or large areas where children can run and play around.

  1. Prepare a nice picnic

Especially if you travel on lunch or dinner time. Prepare a tasty picnic and spend a pleasant time with your family. There are few things more relaxing than having a bite around nature.

  1. Keep an eye on the microclimate inside the car

To avoid constant complaints, it is important that children feel comfortable in the car both in terms of safety and temperature. This seems obvious but sometimes when spending hours in a car, it is difficult to maintain the perfect balance of cold and heat. Of course, remember that restraint systems (seats and belts) are always mandatory.

All those tips are very easy to do, aren’t they? If you are thinking to fly to Alicante, Málaga or Mallorca, we recommend you rent a car with Wiber Rent a Car. It is the best way to make the most out of your holidays, both for grown-ups and children!