Do you like to see more in less time? Have you always wanted to feel like Thelma and Louise? Do you love adventure? Do you enjoy driving? Then surely more than once it has crossed your mind to drive a car and bring along good company (your partner, friends, family) and then hit the road to enjoy an authentic driving experience on a roadtrip.

It is not necessary to embark on long roadtrips and on the other side of the world in order to live a great and unforgettable experience on the road. In reality, there are only two things that are a must: a lot of enthusiasm (which I’m sure you have plenty of!), and this guide to plan the perfect roadtrip. Also, if you’re short on ideas, you will find different suggestions to plan a roadtrip in our country on our ‘Roadtrips’ section.


Even though a trip of this type has multiple advantages since you are the one who decides what to see, when and at what pace, it is necessary to plan certain details before starting the trip. That’s why, here in Wiber Rent a Car, we bring you a Decalogue with tips to plan the best roadtrip.

  1. The car will become your best friend

Although it seems obvious, it is very important to check that our car is in the best state to make a trip of this type. This is why, here in Wiber, we recommend the option of renting a car to drive this type of routes, since they go through a lot more regular checks. Also, thanks to our All Inclusive rate, which includes Top Cover insurance (one of the most complete coverage and at the best price in the market), you won’t worry about anything else other than enjoying your trip.

  1. Make sure that your documents are in order

When planning a roadtrip, it is important to make sure that all the car registration documents (and your driver’s license) are in order. For this reason, it is also much more convenient to opt for renting a car, which will always have all its documents in order. Also, if you have to take a plane to start your roadtrip, it’s always easier to rent a car than taking your own.

  1. Should I plan every little detail of the roadtrip or should I improvise?

Neither. Improvising everything can be stressful (especially if you are the type of person who likes to plan everything). However, planning every single detail beforehand is also a mistake because it leaves little room for imagination and can make us feel frustrated in case it doesn’t go exactly as we had imagined. The best option is to leave some space for flexibility (we’ve already said that it is one of the greatest charms of a roadtrip), although it is recommend that you plan your route per day.

Also, we recommend using the secondary roads since the journey is (almost) more important than the destination when we are on a roadtrip, and you should take full advantage of the driving experience and the pleasure of having good company.

  1. Don’t stop the music!

The perfect roadtrip needs to have a great soundtrack. Prepare a nice playlist (try to always have the others in mind) and… sing like a pop star!

  1. Control your expenses

Even though there´s the misconception that a roadtrip is cheaper than other types of traveling, you must keep track of your expenses if you don’t want to go overboard and get carried away by lack of control. The best option is to come up with an estimate of how much we’re going to spend per day (always estimating more) in order to control expenses (it is important to keep in mind that there could be unforeseen expenses, such as fines).

  1. Enjoy the roadtrip but also have some rest when needed

Driving for kilometres can take a toll on our bodies and can be exhausting (in addition to how tiring traveling can be), so it is very important to rest properly. How much money you want to spend on doing it, it’s entirely up to you (the options are endless!).

  1. Do not take heavy luggage with you

A roadtrip is not a luxury trip so you don’t need to carry large suitcases (especially if there are more than two people in the car). Also, it is likely that you will sleep in a different place every night so you will barely end up unpacking everything: use one that is practical and easy to carry.

  1. Tell me how much money you want to spend and I’ll tell you where to eat

As with every aspect of the roadtrip (and in general on all holidays), how much money you have, will determine the food you will eat. Don’t spend all day eating junk food and treat yourself from time to time. You will for sure find quality food at affordable prices wherever you go.

  1. The more drivers, the better

It is a basic rule so that everyone can equally enjoy the roadtrip. If there’s only one driver, they will not be able to enjoy the trip as much because, even if you enjoy driving a lot, in the end you can get tired and you will feel like you’ve spent all the trip driving (even if you’ve seen incredible landscapes).

  1. Enjoy the company

In the end, a roadtrip is all about enjoying the company (keep in mind that you’re going to spend a lot of time together) so you should be tolerant and understanding of the needs of your companions (just as they should be respectful of yours). For that reason, sometimes, it is important to know how to compromise on all aspects of a roadtrip (stops, meals, accommodation …).

And, what about you? Have you ever been on a roadtrip? Tell us what you liked the most about the experience!