Going on holiday is undoubtedly a happy time; getting away from routines, disconnecting, discovering new places, relaxing… But organising a few days’ getaway can end up being quite stressful if it isn’t planned properly and in plenty of time. Even more so if you need to rent a car to travel around your destination.

Wiber works to make sure your car rental experience is perfect, from the moment when you reserve to the moment you return the vehicle to whichever one of our three branches (Alicante, Malaga or Mallorca).  We want renting a car to be the least of your worries when organising your holidays and for you to forget about any mistrust that the traditional car rental sector may inspire.

That’s why we have compiled five key tips to make your rental experience perfect.


A wide selection of vehicles, small print, vague rental conditions… these are all reasons why renting a car can be very stressful. In Wiber, we’re tired of this and, in addition to offering clear, easy and understandable rental conditions, we bring you guidelines to ensure your rental experience is perfect. Are you taking notes?

Always reserve your car in advance

Spain is one of the most visited tourist destinations and the beaches of Alicante, Malaga and Mallorca some of the most crowded on the peninsula. Just like flight and hotel prices, car rental prices vary with the time of year and always tend to go up in high season (Holy Week and summer) or at key times of the year such as the December long weekend or Christmas.

Aside from getting a car more cheaply, reserving in advance also helps to reduce the stress of having to do it at the last minute and allows you to concentrate on the other details of your holiday. Wiber already has rates available for 2019, so if you have your holidays planned… reserve now!

Rent a car with no excess or deposit

Without a doubt, renting a car without an excess is the best option for your holidays. First of all, because you will have access to all your money and enjoy your holiday without any block being placed on your account until you return the car. Secondly, renting your car in this way guarantees you total cover and prevents the possibility of any surprises or last-minute extra fees for damage to the vehicle.

With Wiber, renting a car without an excess is a reality thanks to our  All Inclusive’ rate, which gives you some of the best cover on the market at a very good price whose final amount is fixed from the time you reserve.

Choose a car that is suitable for your needs

Another of the important factors in making your rental experience perfect is choosing a car that is suitable for your needs and one that has sufficient space. It may have space for five people, but does it have enough room for the luggage? Is it a big enough car?  Make sure that the vehicle fulfils all your needs. After all, comfort is vital for a roadtrip!

Wiber possesses an extensive fleet of vehicles designed for the specific needs of our clients; from small cars to family cars, SUVs to 9-seaters and everything in between.

Two drivers are better than one

 Divide and conquer. Having two drivers instead of one is much better if you want to do a long roadtrip since people can take turns at driving and also enjoy the scenery more. In the end, like everything in this life, a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled.

Make technology work for you

These days, technology can make your journey as stress-free as possible. Rent a GPS as well as a car so you don’t get lost and avoid arguments about the best and fastest way to get there. Avoid visiting somewhere you don’t want to and you will be much less stressed!

In addition, if, when you think about renting a car, you think of endless queues… rest assured that Wiber puts technology to use with our new Wikey Smart Box service, with which you can collect your keys without having to go to the counter.  Forget about those queues forever and collect your car right away. On holiday there’s no time to waste!