It’s August, summer’s Sunday! How sad, isn’t it?

At Wiber we always want to help you have better memories from your holidays, so we picked all this sadness for the end of the summer and transformed it into a special promotion so you can get a special memory: if you have been at our offices in Málaga, Mallorca or Alicante recently, you know what we are talking about. And if you haven’t, pay attention:

What is this promotion about?

Our team, during your rental car pick up at Wiber’s office, will give you our festival-like wristband, the #BeWiber wristband. As beautiful as it is, it has a code that is the most important part: this code is for you to share with a friend, so they can have a 15% off on their future All Inclusive reservation of a Wiber’s car. When your friend has made their booking, you will benefit from it as well: you will get a 15% off on your next booking too! And it doesn’t matter when you make this booking, this is a discount with no time-limit.

It’s important for you to remember that you can not apply this discount to yourself, since the code will be associated with your identification (remember to identify yourself with the same e-mail address used for your previous reservation to actually receive your discount). First your friend has to book their car, and then you will have your own discount available for whenever you feel like using it. We wish to make the day of most of the people we can!

Why a wristband?

Travelling, heat, the sun, sea, sand, friends and good vibes are the memories we want you to take with you when your holidays are over. We wanted to give you something that recalled all that, and when we thougtht “where can we find all that?” the answer we thought of was… A summer music festival!

And what do I need to get my wristband?

To get a #BeWiber wristband you must have made your booking directly through us, with our All Inclusive rate, our full coverage rate where deposits or excess fees are not required. The price you see on the website is the price you will be paying! Plus it comes with many other advantages, like being able to use our Wikey Smart Box service for free, 24h roadside assistance, etc.

If I chose to use a Smart Box or a Smart Car, will I also get a wristband?

Of course! Check your key when you have received it with your Smart Box or Smart Car. It will come along with the keychain.

We are two drivers. Can I ask for more than one wristband?

Unfortunately, we only give one wristband per booking. This is because the wristband will be associated to the person who made the booking. If you want to have more than one wristband, you have to create more than one booking.

And also…

Taking advantage of our #BeWiber wristband launch, we have also launched a photography contest for all our followers on Facebook and Instagram. Take part with your best #BeWiber picture and get an Amazon card worth 40€!

Check out the rules here, and the original Facebook post where you can take part here. And remember, you can also take part on Instagram!

Looking forward to receiving all your pics!