Tips to make the most out of “Sant Antoni” in Mallorca
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Tips to make the most out of “Sant Antoni” in Mallorca


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Mallorca is one of those places that you fall in love with, that captivates you and that you always want more and more. No matter what time of the year you visit it, this wonderful island offers something special. Although summer is the most popular time of the year, Mallorca is lively beyond the sun & sand tourism for which is well-known. In fact, in January it takes place one of the most deep-rooted and typical festivities on the island: “Sant Antoni”.

This celebration has its origin in the ancient pagan ceremonies of the Balearic agricultural society, when they were entrusted to the Saint Antoni, patron saint of domestic animals, in order to obtain protection for their own animals. It is one of the most popular festivals in Mallorca and brings lots of visitors, as basically all the streets of the island are filled with bonfires, fireworks, music and a lot of fun.

By Wiber we would like you to experience this important festival of Mallorca like an authentic islander and for that reason, we are going to tell you few secrets so that you make the most out of the “Sant Antoni” festivity. What is the first thing you should? Well, book your flight and come to the Palma Airport. We will be waiting for you with the best rental cars of the market so that you live a unique #WiberExperience.

What to do and see in Sant Antoni Mallorca

"Dimonis" and bonfires in every town in the island


The main characters of Sant Antoni in Mallorca are the “dimonis” (demons) and the “foguerons” (bonfires). Punctual to their appointment every January the 16th, bonfires are lit in every town in the island and the “demons” dance in the light of the fire. Where we’ve enjoyed the most this celebration is in Sa Pobla, Manacor and Artà, where the festivity lasts a whole week!

It is quite difficult to explain with words how amazing this festivity is all full of fire and colourful demons dancing around. We highly recommend seeing it at least once in your life. It is a mix of tradition and culture, very different to everything else and it is worth to visiting Mallorca only for this.

Without a doubt, Sant Antoni is one of the most important figures in the history of Mallorca and, for that reason, the traditional “Beneïdes” gather hundreds of people in a parade with their animals and pets for them to receive the water blessed. In addition, although the Sant Antoni festival has a common denominator (demons and bonfires), there are few differences among towns.


For instance, in Sa Pobla, after a mass, a “clamator” is the one who kicks off the festival. Only then the demons and the “caparrots” (big-heads) begin their dances in what they call the “correfoc” and they serve a delicious “ensaimada” made of eel and rice. On the other hand, in Artà, the celebration begins very early in the morning. A special breakfast is prepared, called “Berenar Calobre” and is made up of hot chocolate, “ensaimada” and “coca” from Sant Antoni.

In Pollença they have a rather curious custom (you’ll see!): ‘U Pi’ for the locals and ‘El Pi de Ternelles’ for the rest of Majorcans. This consists of going to the Ternelles mountain and taking a huge pine tree and taking it to the city main square. Afterwards, all the branches are removed, and the trunk of the tree is covered with soap. The inhabitants then try to raise it until someone manages to crown it.

Sant Antoni in Mallorca: Great special cuisine

Aside of the religious and cultural events, Sant Antoni stands out for its significant gastronomy component. In antiquity, most Majorcan homes in Sant Antoni celebrated the slaughtering of the pig and the meat was roasted in the bonfires for dinner.

Another of the typical dishes is a veggie pie called “espinagada” together with the “sobrasada” and the “ensaimada”, two of the delicatessen of Mallorca.


To sum up, the Sant Antoni festival is the perfect plan to get to know the most authentic Mallorca and Majorcans. Dare to experience a night around fire and demons!

If you would like to visit Mallorca but cannot make it for Sant Antoni, you have other options. Have a look to our blog posts “what to do in Mallorca in winter”“live the most cultural Mallorca: museums and art galleries” or for those who love sports, discover all the possibilities you can find for “adventure sports” in the Balear Islands.

No matter what you do at the end, your #WiberExperience in Mallorca is waiting for you!

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