Now you can rent a cargo van in new Wiber locations!
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Now you can rent a cargo van in new Wiber locations!


Wiber Rent A Car

Do you need to rent a cargo van in Alicante or Mallorca? Well, you’re in luck!

At Wiber we are now opening a new service of van rental, that was already available in our Málaga office, in our Palma de Mallorca and Alicante offices too. 

The advantages of renting a van with Wiber

At the moment, the vans we have up for rental are perfect for your move or your delivery, since they have either 6m3 or 10m3, enough capacity to carry furniture and household appliances, but without being too big: you can drive them with your B-type driving permit, the regular permit for a private car.


Besides that, Wiber is offering unique rental conditions: your rental van will have a fully comprehensive insurance without excess fee or deposit, our Top Cover, with one of the best coverages of the market. Rent peace of mind by trusting our All Inclusive rate, and avoid all deposits or excesses: complete protection with no blockings on your card!

Wiber facilities are found near the airport at all our locations so you can avoid the stress found when you must drive a vehicle you don’t know around a busy city centre: try your rental van in our spacious parking lot and get used to it before going on your delivery journey or move!

Rent your van in Alicante, Málaga and Mallorca

Now that you know the advantages about renting a van for your delivery or move with Wiber, you just need to choose the van of your dreams, learn how to load your cargo correctly, and enjoy a quiet drive with the peace of mind given by knowing that your van is fully protected against any damage with our All Inclusive rate.


Get your van or your favourite car in AlicanteMálagaMallorca or Valencia, we will be waiting for you!