Yes, it’s true! Now at Wiber we are also offering cargo vans for your moves and deliveries! For now, these are only available at Málaga, but little by little we are going to extend this service to our other offices, so we can be closer to you and help you on everything you need.

Our tips

1. Choose your van right. On this issue, size matters: a minivan of around 4m3 can hold a full room on its inside, but if you need to move a full house with three rooms, you probably need at least a van with 10m3. To estimate the volume of the van you need, no matter if its for a delivery or for moving, we recommend you measure the packages or boxes you need to move, as well as furniture or big objects to move. Then, it would be of good sense to take a van that has a capacity over what you need to move, or you will have to make more than one trip.

2. Try your van first. Not all of us are experienced driving big vehicles, even though our license (in Spain, the B permit) for driving regular sized cars allows us to drive these kind of vans, it’s better for you to get accustomed to their size (length, width and height), as, for instance, in full turns you are going to need more space to take the curve.

3. Plan your packages. It’s very important to pack your stuff correctly and not underestimate the weight, so you don’t run into a box that you can’t carry because, for example, is filled entirely with books. Ideally, to arrange the packages it’s better if all of them are of the same size, but of course due to weight and practicality, or if you are doing a delivery, it’s possible that this is not the case. If you are doing a delivery, the best option would be to arrange them in order of delivery, and on a move, in order of weight and fragility.

4. Place and fasten your cargo properly. Because they are taller, vans are more unstable, as they have more resistance to air. This means it’s a good idea to distribute and fasten your cargo, so its weight doesn’t contribute to instability: distribute the weight horizontally, trying to place the heaviest objects on the center to distribute the weight through all the wheels, and organizing the heaviest objects down and the lightest up. Remember to fasten the cargo by tying it all together or with special restraints on the floor of the van, to avoid objects from projecting against the cubicle and getting damaged, or worse, damaging a passenger. The Spanish Traffic Management created a video regarding this issue that visually shows you how to load your cargo, that we are now sharing with you:

5. Protect your furniture and fragile objects. It should be enough with a thick blanket or a quilt that you can wrap around the object or piece of furniture and fasten properly so it doesn’t get damaged. It’s not a bad idea either to use your clothing bags to fill in the gaps between furniture and boxes so they don’t get damaged by friction.

6. Check your home insurance. When you rent your van you can hire a fully-comprehensive insurance with it, but this insurance only applies to the van and not to its contents so, in case of accident, any damage on your property would be your responsibility. There are home insurances that cover damage for moving, so it would be a great idea for you to check your coverage beforehand and, depending on the journey, decide if you need to add that extra, even if it’s just for a short period of time.

Our vans

At Wiber we can offer you our two types of cargo van by Ford, our Transit Custom FT 280 and our Transit Van FT 350, that have 6m3 and 10m3 respectively. With them you can carry your whole house, including furniture and household appliances. On our special page dedicated to our vans you can find more information about their dimensions, capacity and so on.

And about our rental conditions, all of our vans are only rented under our All Inclusive rate, with a fully-comprehensive insurance that allows you not to leave a deposit or excess fee, so you can carry your belongings without any added stress besides the regular moving stress. Because you deserve it!

This is all the information we wanted to share with you today, folks! We hope to have cleared your mind and helped a little to make your next trip on a van much easier. And if what you need is not a van but a tourism for a weekend getaway, remember that with Wiber you can rent a car in any of our offices, being these located in Alicante, Málaga, Mallorca and Valencia. We hope to see you soon!