The six most frequently asked questions that clients come with.

At Spanish big towns, and the most touristic ones like AlicanteMálaga or Mallorca (all of them Wiber destinations), the car renting business has grown exponentially and there is a lot to choose from, so sometimes one can feel burdened not to know which is the best option to rent a car for the holidays. A million offers, rates, cars, prices… and also a million fine prints that increase your final figures!

This is why, in October 2017, Wiber was born with a set target: to pursuit superior quality on the car renting business and become a new rent a car concept, with transparent conditions guaranteed, easy and clean, that breaks out with the existing tendency of unsatisfied clients on this service.

We want to go through the most frequent questions we receive when people is about to rent a car, so you know beforehand which are the factors you need to be aware of when renting a car for the holidays to end up 100% satisfied with your service, from the booking to the car drop off.


For sure when booking a car you’ve asked yourself (and more than once) how much I will be blocked as excess fee, what kind of insurance you’re hiring, what are the company’s politics on petrol, what documents and requirements you need… All so your experience when renting a car is perfect.

Since this is a goal of ours, we’re going to analyse the 6 most frequently asked questions when renting a car, so you know which are the most important factors and which aspects are key for you to take into account. Here we go:

  • What documents are required to rent a car?

What documents do I need to rent a vehicle in Spain? What kind of driver’s license do I need? Any age restrictions? Can I cross the border and go abroad with my rented car? Can my rental car be driven by another person?

Usually the answer to these questions depends on the rental company you pick but, as a general rule, you will need an ID card, a working driver’s license that is at least a year old and in Western alphabet (or that has been legally translated, or an international license). Plus, it is essential to present a credit or debit card with enough funds to cover the excess fee (only for the Full/Full rate, remember no excess fee required for the All Inclusive rate).

  • What are the company’s politics on excess fees and gas?

What is an excess fee? When do you get it back? Whate are the existing gas rates? And, above all, can I rent a car with no excess fee? These are some of the most important questions you need to answer prior to renting a car.

Once again, it depends on the company you choose, but here at Wiber you can rent a car without leaving an excess fee and with a transparent final price thanks to our All Inclusive rate. Without a doubt, renting a car with no excess fee has a lot of benefits: you don’t have to worry about any car damage (even if you didn’t make them yourself), you won’t have your money blocked on your account and there won’t be any additional charges or last-minute surprise.

And about fuel policy, here at Wiber we bet on Full/Full fuel policy: you get your car with the tank full and you have to drop it off with the tank full as well, without any money retention on our side.

  • What rate, insurance and coverage should I get?

How many rates are there? What kind of damage covers each insurance? What do I do if I have a third-party insurance already? Is there a mileage limit?

Here at Wiber we like to make it easy for you and we only have two rates: All Inclusive as we said earlier, and Full/Full, both with different coverages and features. With the first one you will enjoy our Top Cover insurance (have no worry!) with no deposit or excess fee, with a full/full gas policy, unlimited mileage in most of our cars, free cancellation, full roadside assistance and our Wikey Smart Box service included. Our All Inclusive rate is known for being one of the best and more complete insurance coverage rates of the market, at the best price.

For its part, our Full/Full rate does require an excess fee payment (which varies depending on the car model selected), full/full fuel policy, roadside assistance only if there is an accident and basic insurance. We show you here a diagram of basic damage and its cost depending on the rate chosen.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

What payment methods do exist? What kind of cards are accepted? Once again, the answers to this questions depend on the company, but at Wiber, unlike other companies, we allow payment both in credit and debit card as long as it is Visa or Mastercard.

  • What vehicles are available?

Can I choose the exact model? What kind of vehicles are offered? Can I ask for extra services? At Wiber we have a large fleet, thought to cover every need our clients might have. In our car range we have low-cost, family cars, big cars, SUVs and hybrids with 4 to 9 persons capacity.

Plus, we have extra services for the vehicles such as child seats or booster seats.

  • Can I modify or cancel a booking?

Can I switch vehicles once I’ve already booked a car? Can I extend the renting period? What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed? At Wiber, cancellations are for free up until 24h prior to thepick-up, and you can make any modifications to your booking through the website.

Do you have any further inquiries? Talk to us and we’ll be thrilled to help you! Remember that you can also reach us through our social media handles, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.