Wearing red underwear, eating 12 grapes with the chime of the bells, giving your loved one a kiss, eating a nice helping of lentils, melting a lead figure with a candle, throwing a bucket of cold water out of the window… there are a thousand and one traditions around the world for seeing in the new year. Without a doubt, New Year’s Eve is a hotly anticipated night in nearly every corner of the world and magic and love fill the streets and everybody’s hearts.

Even if you already have something planned, we at Wiber recommend spending this New Year’s Eve in the capital of the Costa Del Sol: Malaga. This Andalusian city is overflowing with atmosphere and has a special magic that makes it unique 365 days a year. But nevertheless, spending New Year’s Eve there is one of the most special times that you can enjoy the city.

So pay close attention because we are going to propose four plans to suit all tastes so that your New Year’s Eve in Malaga will be the most special and you’ll live an authentic #WiberExperience.


  1. Plaza de la Constitución: A classic New Year’s Eve in Malaga

Every year in Malaga the city’s residents meet in the Plaza de la Constitución to welcome a new year with the chiming of the bells, 12 grapes and the subsequent festivities. The live music will liven up the evening and the lights of Larios street and the tree in the square will put the icing on the cake to experience a very special entrance to the year 2019.

  1. New Year’s Eve 2018 in the Mediterranean Sea

Yes, you read it right: spend the last night of the year in the Mediterranean Sea. If you don’t like crowds and you want to enjoy a New Year’s Eve which is original and different in Malaga, we recommend feeling like the king of the world (and the seven seas) by renting a boat in order to celebrate your own party while sailing. From the boat you will be able to see (and enjoy) the spectacular fireworks display that is launched from Malaga’s beach.

  1. A New Year’s Eve for those who like an early night

You don’t want to celebrate the entrance of 2019 like everybody else and you don’t like pubs or clubs? We have the best plan for you! We recommend that you eat your 12 grapes and don’t stay up too late so that you can wake up bright and early the next morning. It’s important that you arrive on time to the Gibralfaro lookout point so that you can see the first sunrise of the year with unparalleled views. Sound like a great plan! Right?

  1. Start 2019 with a full stomach

Spending the year end with dinner and a party came back into fashion a few years ago on the Costa del Sol and we are certain that it’s back for good (and will gain more and more prominence). Arranging to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018 with a good meal in a restaurant and then having a party in the same place or a nightclub is also one of the most classic plans for seeing out the year. Of course, in Malaga the gastronomic offerings are immense and you will be able to find restaurants to suit any taste or budget.

For sure, whichever plan you choose, one thing you definitely have to do if you spend New Year’s Eve in Malaga is wake up early (or don’t go to sleep!) so that you can eat some tasty tejeringos, which are like churros with chocolate, for breakfast.

Did you like our plans? Which one will you choose?