After months of hard work getting ready to launch this project, the day has arrived! We uncover what we’ve been keeping for so long: we created a new rate!


Our new service lies of offering you the chance to save time by picking up your car straight at the airport parking and through your phone. All the paperwork will be done online in advance; therefore, you will not have to go to our office. Skip the counter at the pick up and drop off!

To be able to offer this service to you, we’ve developed our own system with the newest, most cutting-edge technology. You will be able to see where your car is located at the parking, including the floor and the place number, the license plate number and a real picture of your car, all of this from your mobile phone. With just a link, you will be able to open your car by scanning a code that you’ll find at the windshield: no key needed.

Also, in line with our transparency policy, you will be able to read and sign your booking contract online, right on your phone.


What other benefits does the Wikey Smart Car offer? By only using a link, you don’t have to install any app that takes up space on the memory of your phone. You will be provided a key to start the car normally, so you won’t have to worry about losing signal at mountain passes or some distant cove. Once you’ve opened your car, the link will provide you the chance of geo-tracking your car.

It is very practical, so you don’t lose your car once you’ve parked it. It seems obvious, isn’t it? We actually can bear witness of this: one of our IT colleagues, when we were still testing, was able to find one of the cars we were using for the tests, that one of his colleagues parked without telling him where.


You canbenefit from our new Wikey Smart Car service by booking with our new rate Smart Car. Meaning, totally stress-free holidays as this rate includes our Top Cover insurance, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Without any excess fee or deposits, so you won’t have to leave any money blocked on your credit card.


As you do not need to go to our office, you will skip the process of taking the shuttle, go to the counter and all the same process the other way around at the drop-off: now you can get off the plane, get on your car, enjoy your holidays, leave your car at the airport parking and get a new plane back home. It’s that easy!

You can now enjoy this innovative service at our Málaga office. But it will be very soon also available at our other offices in Alicante and Palma de Mallorca. So that you don’t miss anything, it will be announced on our website. We invite you to visit it to be the first one to benefit from Wikey Smart Car.

As you can see, at Wiber we keep up our policy of being bearers of cutting-edge technology to make life easier for you. Our goal is to offer maximum peace of mind by achieving maximum service excellence. Because for us, you are the most important.

Drive experiences with Wikey Smart Car!