At Wiber we know how confusing and tedious it can be to learn about every condition that rent a car businesses offer for their insurances, so we wanted to make a bit of a sum up of the most important points that you need to take into account before renting a car.

Firstly, is important that you know that rental cars have more accidents than your regular user car, it is estimated that about a 60% more. Why? It’s easy: it’s not the car you are used to, and you are driving it through roads you don’t know. For this reason, it is important to have a good insurance that covers for the most possible points.

Remember that the insurance policies you contract along with your rental car only cover for the designated driver: if someone else that’s not on the contract drives the car when you find the issue, you won’t be covered, and you will have to pay the costs yourself. Therefore, it’s important to get the “additional driver” extra in case more than one person will be driving.

1. Theft insurance

The most important point! It’s true that at this moment, almost every rent a car business has coverage for theft under their most basic insurances. This is good luck, since if your rental car is stolen while you are on holiday and you don’t have insurance, you will have to pay for the current market value of the car that has been stolen from you, plus additional administrative costs, and a compensation to the company that you have rented with. Remember that this insurance only covers for the car, not the objects that you could have left inside.

2. Underside of the vehicle

It’s typical for rental car businesses to have insurances that do not cover for car usage on unpaved roads that could cause deterioration on the underside of the car, like a gravel path, a forest path, or a neighbouring road (in some cases this would also apply to roads in bad shape if the car underside has been damaged). In this spots, roadside assistance usually has an extra charge, so it’s something important to consider when choosing your insurance, specially if you are visiting places like Mallorca, even though it’s beautiful, it has many of this kind of paths.

3. Wheels and roadside assistance

It’s common for most insurances not to cover issues related to wheels and tires, like punctures or blow-outs. This can happen to you even driving the newest car in the market, so it would be useful to check if your contract has this added in. Roadside assistance doesn’t usually cover issues with the battery, loss of keys or fuel mix-up (if your rental car doesn’t use the same fuel than the car you have at home… you could mess it up, right?), so if you are not sure ask the agent on your rental car business to review if these issues are covered.

4. Vehicle condition and extra-charges

At Wiber we always recommend our clients to check the vehicle themselves before every rental period, since with a basic insurance with low coverage, any damage that is found at the car drop-off and that has not been previously reported is considered the current client’s responsibility, and its them that must pay for the repair. At Wiber wewant to make things easier for you, so we send you an e-mail with pictures that reflect the current state of the car so you can check if there is any damage that we have missed, and you can send us your own pictures to avoid any misunderstandings at the drop-off. This does not apply with our All Inclusive rate, with Top Cover insurance added, our insurance with one of the highest coverages of the market, which we will talk about down below.

5. Excess fee

Most rental car businesses will hold about 700€ to 1200€ from your bank account, depending on the car model of your choice, as an excess fee or deposit for the vehicle. This means that any damage that the car shows in case of accident where the responsible person can’t be identified or is the client’s responsibility, or just little damages found at the drop off, will be considered the client’s economic responsibility, being this amount the limit. To put it bluntly, if you crash against a lamp post and you return the car with a good damage on the bumper, you can say goodbye to your 1200€!

Our Top Cover insurance – the best we can offer!

At Wiber we are very proud to have made this deal to offer you one of the best comprehensive insurances of the market. Now that you know what’s important to consider, we will tell you about its advantages.

To begin with, it has a fully comprehensive insurance that frees you of any excess fee or deposit. Our Top Cover includes:

  • Collision damage waiver
  • Personal injury assistance
  • Vehicle theft (although you will have to report the theft to the police and to our team)
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle keys
  • Fuel error or contamination
  • Damage to the underside of the vehicle
  • Damage to wheels and tires
  • Damage to windows and windshields
  • Damage to clutch
  • Damage to rearview mirrors
  • Loss or damage to the antenna
  • Battery error
  • Complete roadside assistance with tow truck service

What do you think? Is it or not one of the most complete insurances of the rent a car world? With our Top Cover, included with our All Inclusive and SmartCar rates, you can forget about these issues and enjoy your relaxing holidays! Travel with us!