Explore the best roads by car in Ibiza
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Explore the best roads by car in Ibiza


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Not everything in Ibiza is about parties. Although this Balearic Island is well-known for its scene, you can find a wide range of possibilities of things to do. Keep reading and discover all things you can do to dive into its culture, history and its awesome landscapes.

At Wiber we wonder: Is there any better way to explore the natural beauty of Ibiza than driving around the island? From sharp cliffs, to paradise beaches, “The White Island” offers some of the most breathtaking views in Spain.

Would you like to discover the best roadtrips in Ibiza so you don’t miss a single spot? Keep reading!

Ibiza – Sant Joan de Labritja route

This road connects Ibiza with the town of Sant Joan de Labritja, the most known village of the north of the island. This route offers stunning mountain views and endless fields that will leave you speechless.

We recommend you take the route you can see above so you can make a stop in one of the most lovely villages of the island: ‘Sant Llorenç de Balafia’. Believe us, you won’t regret when you discover how well preserved and protected this village in Ibiza is.


Sant Llorenç’s church (Sant Llorenç de Balafia, Ibiza)

Santa Eulària – Portinatx route

Get in the car! Because the second route we are recommending you will take you from Santa Eulària des Riu, the third town with the largest population on the island, to Portinatx. Santa Eulària (Xarc in Muslin era), is the most important towns in the northern half of Ibiza and has great historical and cultural attractions. You can’t miss Es Puig de Missa, a fortified temple located on the top of a hill and surrounded by little houses at the foot that was used as a strategic protection point in the Christian reconquest.


Es Puig de Missa's church (Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza)

We recommend you make a stop in Sant Carles de Peralta, a little village with a lot of history in Ibicencan culture, as it was the cradle of the Hippie movement during the 1960s on the island.

Ses Salines route

Another must in Ibiza is the Ses Salines Natural Park, recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2001. It is a beautiful nature reserve of beaches and salty pools, which is home to more than 200 species of birds, from flamingos to storks, and offers a spectacular view of the sea. We recommend you take the car in the capital city and drive along the southeast coast to the Ses Salines Natural Park.



Ses Salines Natural Park (Ibiza)

Port de Sant Miquel - Sant Antoni de Portmany route

Port de Sant Miquel is one of the few tourist areas in the north of Ibiza, which was a loading and export area for agricultural products in the past. From there you can get in your car and drive to Sant Miquel de Balansat to see its church located at the highest point of the town. As the church of Santa Eulària, it served as a strategic protection against the Muslim invasion of the 15th century.


Sant Miquel's church (Sant Miquel de Balansat, Ibiza)

Following the road, we recommend you to make a stop in the town of Sant Mateu d’Albarca if you’re a wine enthusiast, as you can enjoy incredible views of vineyards and a wide selection of local wines.

If you want to witness a natural spectacle, we also recommend you stop in the village of Santa Agnès de Corona to see the blooming almond trees.


Blooming almond trees in Santa Agnès de Corona (Ibiza)

This is just a bit of everything hat Ibiza has to offer. As we mentioned, it’s not about partying. Culture, history, incredible roads, awesome landscapes, paradise beaches and dream weather await you on the island of Ibiza. You just have to rent a car and explore it for yourself.

We make it easier for you at Wiber because we just opened a new office in Ibiza! We recommend you visit our website and take a look at the wide range of cars we have available.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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