At Wiber we are committed to reach an excellent customer service, since the online reservation is made until the customer returns the car in our offices in Alicante, Malaga or Palma de Mallorca. Our goal is to achieve that our customers live a total satisfying #WiberExperience and for that, among many other things, we have a wide, new and very varied fleet of cars, of all the most important types and top manufacturers in the market.

We want to be suitable for every kind of driver, we want everyone who rents a car with us to find the model that best suits their needs and do our bit to make their stay a bit better. In this sense, our fleet is formed by modern and well-maintained cars that are divided into 7 subgroups.


One of the biggest advantages of becoming a bewiber is the possibility of renting a car without an excess fee or deposit thanks to our “All Inclusive” rate, which includes one of the most complete coverage in the market at the best price and excludes the payment of an excess fee or fuel deposit during the car rental. Thus, you will have all your money available for your holidays, no money blocked on your credit card.

Renting a car without an excess fee is possible in any of our destinations and with any model of vehicle since our goal is to offer maximum peace of mind, trust, service excellence and satisfaction to our customers. So be as you are and have the needs that you have, we have a car (at the best price) for you! Keep reading and find out all the possibilities that we offer at Wiber.

  1. Economy Car Hire.

We have a wide range of small and economy rental cars but always of the highest quality. If you are looking for an agile, comfortable, compact vehicle, easy to drive and at the best price, this group is designed for you.

Among our models you will find the Toyota Aygo, the Ford Ka and the Fiat 500. Handy cars for those who do not plan to do a long drive on the road!

  1. Rent a midsize car.

This group of cars is what is known as standard vehicles, neither small nor excessively large. They are the perfect range for those who are looking for an intermediate size, which allows both to move around the city and to easily drive longer journeys. They are rental cars at an affordable price but with high-end features.

In this subgroup you will find cars such as the Citroen C4 Cactus, the BMW 1 Series, the Toyota CHR Hybrid or the Peugeot Partner. Perfect for a trip with friends!

  1. The rental car for large families.

In Wiber we have a wide range of cars designed to enjoy an authentic family road trip. Vehicles with 5, 7 and 9 seats, with space for the whole family and for all types of vacations.

Within this range we have models such as the Mercedes A-Class AMG Style, Ford Focus C-Max or Mercedes B Class. The rental car for large families!

  1. All Inclusive rate for 7 and 9-seater cars.

In Wiber we also have a wide range of cars of 7 and 9 seats, with a large trunk and plenty of room. A group of cars for all tastes and perfect for trips with a large group of friends or large family.

We have available models such as the Toyota Verso, the Ford Gran Tourneo Connect or the Volkswagen Caravello. Your car for the most crowd road trips!

  1. SUV’s: the most modern cars for rental.

This car model perfectly combines the pragmatism of a car with the ruggedness of an off-road vehicle and can be handled with the same ease both in and out of the city. They are the most modern rental cars in Wiber. You like them, don’t you?

In our SUV car catalogue, we find the Nissan Qashqai, the Ford Kuga, the Toyota CHR Hybrid and Opel Mokka. A very wide range of vehicles!

  1. Automatic rental cars.

At Wiber we have a wide range of automatic cars of the most recognized brands in the market and all subgroups of vehicles. Thus, you can find hybrid, family, SUV or medium automatic cars.

So, you can rent a Toyota Yaris Hybrid, a Toyota CHR Hybrid, a Ford Kuga, an Opel Mokka or Volkswagen Caravelle, among others. Enjoy the great advantages of this type of car!

  1. Hybrid cars.

And we do not forget those who care most about the planet and pollution and that’s why we have a range of hybrid cars, with a combination of electric and combustion engine that will save you up to 30% fuel. Two Toyota models for the most ‘eco-friendly.

As you could see, at Wiber we offer a wide variety of vehicles to suit all tastes, always enjoying the latest models. What car would you rent?