In October 2017 we launched Wiber Rent a Car in order to become a new car hiring concept in the cities of Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and Málaga, with a very clear goal: to guarantee 100% transparent, simple, clear conditions and, therefore, no extra fees.

Saying goodbye forever to extra charges when you arrive to the car rental office is a reality thanks to our  ‘All Inclusive’ rate, with which you will be able to rent a car with no excess fees or deposit and with a final price that is clear since the moment you book your vehicle.

But, what are the advantages of renting a car with no extra fees? Why is this the best option when renting a car for your vacation?


In Wiber, we also work so that our customers live authentic experiences behind the wheel and enjoy the trip with no problems or worries. We know how important it is to drive safely and relaxed, without always having to think on if you’re responsible or if you should pay for damage to the vehicle (that you have not caused, anyway).

Hence, since being able to rent a car with no excess fees is what most rent a car users demand, we will explain the three main advantages of this kind of car hire. You will only have to worry about having a great time!

  1. Peace of mind under the wheel is priceless

Choosing a rate like our ‘All Inclusive’ is synonymous with peace of mind, since when renting a car with no excess charges you won’t have to worry about possible damage to the car. Particularly when hiring this rate, our Top Cover protection is included, which protects against car theft, loss or damage to keys, mistakes in the petrol, lower hits, window cracks, damage to the wheels and tyres, damage to the clutch, damage to the rear mirrors, damage or loss of antenna and possible battery failure.

This way, you will be completely protected against any kind of damage caused to the car by you or by a third party. Choosing a rate that includes car renting without leaving a deposit is, definitively, driving with peace of mind and focusing on enjoying the experience.

  1. Say bye to money blocked in your credit or debit card

Another reason for selecting car renting with no extra charges is that you don’t have to leave a deposit for damages. If there is something that annoys users of car hire is having an amount of money blocked (it can reach up to 1000 euros depending on the rented model) during their holidays.

Therefore, it’s not an easy option to undertake if we count with a limited budget for our trip, since it’s money that you won’t be able to use until you return the vehicle (if it hasn’t suffered any damage). Therefore, if you choose car renting with no extra fees, you will pay a little bit more for the all risk insurance, but you will have all your money readily available for you to enjoy your vacation.

  1. No extra charge, no last-minute surprises

Last, but still very important, when hiring a car with no additional fees, you will avoid paying possible damage when returning the vehicle. The money that is blocked as a deposit is destined for these fixes, which may have a very high cost. It’s the only way to avoid paying an additional cost for damages with your pocket.

And you? Are you one of those who always choose to rent a car with no excess fees or no Remember that if you book now through our website you will have a 10% discount when hiring our ‘All Inclusive’ rate and our new service Wikey Smart Box, with which you may pick up the car keys without needing to go to the counter.