The Chamber of Commerce of Castellón, together with a few other organisations, acknowledges every year the work of provincial companies in 4 different areas. More than 1,500 candidate companies have applied this year and it is therefore with great pride that we receive the recognition in the area of DIGITALIZATION AND INNOVATION in 2020.

Looking back, and considering that the company only began its activity in 2018, receiving in 2020 an award for the achievements of 2019 gives the impression that everything has been conceived and done in just one year, that we have managed to find the right formula in record time, almost miraculously, even fortuitously and randomly. Nothing could be further from the truth: WIBER members have been in the sector an average of 20 years, and we combine experience with a desire to change business model, the possibility of starting a project from scratch and an extraordinary team. Although it is obvious that we did not expect this recognition, it certainly does not come as a surprise. Our day-to-day unfailing thermometer is the recognition of the judges who matter most to us: our clients. And with each of them we experience, after the years, that we have been successful.