On our social media profiles and on our offices at Málaga, Alicante and Mallorca we are often asked about the differences between having to leave an excess fee or a deposit, so we’ve decided that it’s about time to finally set things clear between these two and clarify all of your doubts.

As you probably already know, we only hold two rates: our Full/Full rate, with basic insurance, where it is indicated that you will need to leave both an excess fee and a deposit; and our All Inclusive rate, that does not require an excess fee nor a deposit. Why do we do it like this?

It’s very simple: an excess fee is an amount of money that gets blocked on your card as a maximum limit to collect in case the vehicle shows damage at the drop off, since said damage is the clients responsibility because by not being covered by a fully comprehensive insurance. The total amount for an excess fee can range between 700€ to 1200€, depending on which car group you have selected. On our Full/Full rate we ask for an excess fee because the basic insurance that it holds does not provide coverage for vehicle damage. However, on our All Inclusive rate we do not block any money on your card: the Top Cover insurance, our fully comprehensive insurance, takes care of everything with is wide coverage, so we don’t need anything else. Once you have returned your car and we have checked that it is in good condition, the money from your excess fee is released from your card and it’s available again on your credit card in a matter of minutes.

However, a deposit is a charge made effectively to your card (being this one either credit or debit in Wiber’s case scenario, although other companies may only accept credit card – take this into account!) as a guarantee. Our only deposit is the fuel deposit.

Our fuel politic is the full/full, that means that we give you the car with its tank full of fuel to be returned full as well. Once we have checked that the fuel is filled up at your drop-off, you will be totally reimbursed. Take into consideration that it is a charge that was made effective in your card so it may take a few days to be reflected in your account. Remember that if you book the All-Inclusive rate, you will not be charged the fuel tank. You will be totally exempt from excess fees and deposits.

It’s also important that you remember this detail: the card owner must be present both for the pick up and return of the vehicle, so we can effectively acknowledge that everything is all right.

Do you have any more doubts about renting a car? We have reasons to believe that our frequently asked questions can solve most of them, and if this is not the case, remember that you can contact us through our social media pages in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and of course course at the e-mail customerservice@wiberrentacar.com or by calling us on the phone at (+34) 964010000.